Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fleas in mice cage what to do help please?!?

what do u do if ur mice have fleas how can i get rid of them? I don't want to hurt the mice. thanks for ur suggestions

one of mice just gave birth to 1 or 2 mice ( cant really tell yet i think only one mouse) and i dont wanna risk the babies lifeFleas in mice cage what to do help please?!?
You will not threaten the babies if you move them, as well as the mother, into a different temporary environment until such time as you clean the cage, wash it out, use soap and water and put in new fresh bedding.

However if you do not clean the cage out right away then you take a chance of your animals having a large ';die off'; because of the fleas.

Mice have a resilient way about them and their babies and the mother will never deny her babies in such a circumstance because they have an inherent sense about the fact of mother and their babies and they know better.

Good luck to you and get on cleaning the cage right away.

ps- once you clean the cage up, pull the fleas off the mice with your fingers and since you cleaned the cage of any flea eggs, no new fleas will hatch and soon your cage will be rid of fleas.Fleas in mice cage what to do help please?!?
well i'm not 100 percent but i would think daily cleaning of the cage and room where they stay and they have combs that i've seen at animal shelters that you can use to brush them off

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