Friday, February 12, 2010

Have 4 rats and 3 mice should i get more pets and if so what kind?

A cat should solve your rodent problem.Have 4 rats and 3 mice should i get more pets and if so what kind?
Whether or not to get more pets is really up to you, your housemates, and your commitment to giving them the time they need, as well as affording their needs including medical expenses. However, before deciding on an additional pet, make sure it doesn't see your mice and rats as food (so a snake would not be a good idea). Cats are hit and miss, some may get along well with the mice/rats, others may attack them, and some well-meaning ones may ';play'; with them (knocking them around) 'til they unintentionally kill them which would be unfortunate. A dog may also be a hit or miss companion, if it chooses to play with the mice/rats or pick them up with their teeth, they could easily hurt or kill them. ';Teen'; or older ferrets might be a good idea (baby ferrets, like teething human babies, tend to bite things 'til they learn that biting is something that hurts others). American ferrets are all domesticated and see all creatures as potential friends. Check your ferret's personality, if it's too rough a player for your smaller pets, most pet stores allow you to exchange it for another ferret within a specified time period. (The black footed ferret is not American, not domesticated, and may not even be legal here.)Have 4 rats and 3 mice should i get more pets and if so what kind?
If you feel like you can give the attention to more pets and have adequate space for them, why not? It would be nice if you could take in some pets that are going to be euthanized because there's no room in the shelters/animal control for them. Some animal controls actually have small animals like rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

And contrary to popular belief that felines and rodents are always enemies, cats can get along with rats and mice, but of course there always has to be supervision and never a situation where the rat or mouse can get caught/captured/scratched/squished by the cat.

So maybe a kitten? Kittens are easier than puppies, as they usually come litter trained if you adopt them from a rescue or SPCA; and a kitten would be young enough to teach to stay away from the rats/mice.

We have four cats, a dog, five rats, a rabbit, two mice and two guinea pigs. We live in a small apartment. The largest cat is best friends with both of the guinea pigs (he cuddles them) and all of the cats (and the dog) leave the rats/small animals alone (but it wasn't always so; the kittens needed to be taught at an early age to stay away from/not bother the rats %26amp; mice).

So whatever you get, if you get another pet, just make sure that you teach them boundaries. Also be sure that you can take care of them financially. Larger animals can be more costly to feed (even guinea's the pigs and the rabbit that we spend the most on food every week, because of their vegetarian diet).
Do you mean that this isn't enough? Wait a while and the odds are the incumbents will solve that graving for you themselves. If they are well suited to the task, you won't be able to hold them back. And as any biologist will tell you, rodents are perpetual urinators/deficators. They don't concern themselves with being retentive when the urge strikes them. Slow down a bit and don't get too anxious with the Doctor Doolittle thing.
only if you have the funds and the comitment

a rabbit, keep the whole mammal thing going, rabbits are cool, call it peter rabbit or smithy or something like fatty, he could be your rock.

OR A REPTILE everyones envious of reptiles. but you should only get a another pet if you are fully comitted to taking care of it, and if you no the novelty may where off.........

it may not be a good idea, depends on your attitude and your calmer level, lol


I would get a Guinea Pig. There big and cool to have around the house. Rats and Mice are fun but too small to have lying around. with a Guinea pig you could have to run around a bit and pet it.
I wouldn't get more pets... just put heaps of effort into the pets you do have. But if you do want another pet... a goldfish or a cat?
A dinosaur
Sounds like you need a snake!

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