Friday, February 12, 2010

';Of Mice And Men'; Book Questions?

I'm reading the book ';Of Mice and Men'; and was wondering if you could help me with these questions. Thanks!

1. From what point of view is “Of Mice and Men”


2. Who is the narrator?

3. Give an example that clearly shows the point of view of this story.';Of Mice And Men'; Book Questions?
1)It starts off in third person.It uses third person subjective throughout the book.

2)Well its uncertain but it could be george. Its probably just steinbeck himself.

3)They had walked in single file down the path.

Lennie looked timidly over at him';George?';';Of Mice And Men'; Book Questions?
1. The narrator is an omniscient third-person.

2. A third-person usually doesn't have a name.

3. Well, I can't remember specific text, but if it wasn't third-person omniscient, terms like ';I'; and ';we'; would be used. And it's omniscient since the narrator, whoever he may be, knows the feelings and thoughts of all the characters.

And I don't see how #1 is objective...
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third person ominiscent

no one characterized in the book so no one

the whole book no narator person

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