Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's better? Mice or Syrian hamsters?

Im keeping my hamsters but i was wondering IF i should get a coulple mice ;)What's better? Mice or Syrian hamsters?

They need a really big cage though, no tanks. And they should be kept in pairs.What's better? Mice or Syrian hamsters?
Rats are pretty cool, but I like hamsters better.

More Cute

More Fun/Playful
Where's the option for Russian campbells? :*(

They have the benifits of mice and syrians

- Can be handled

- Can live in colonies or pair

- Cuteeeeee
actually rats r the easiest rodent to train but the next one would be mice but iwould get the mice to
Syrian hamsters are GREAT!
my sister had a mouse he was cute but the tail always creeped me out lol but they last long she had hers for at least a year or so

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