Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*easy 10 points* did anyone read the book, ';of mice and men';?

i need to answer these 2 questions on it

1)was george's choice of killing lennie justified? was there another, better choice he could've made?

2)why do george and lennie want to own a piece of land and raise rabbits?

if you can only answer one, it's fine. need all the help i can get! thanks :)*easy 10 points* did anyone read the book, ';of mice and men';?
1) Yes his choice was justified because lennie was dangerous

2) They want to work for themselves and have freedom.*easy 10 points* did anyone read the book, ';of mice and men';?
To start, these questions are very relative and based on opinion, but it sounds like you just want homework help, so ill give you what i think:

1) While Lennie killing George was morally wrong, in his eyes, there was nothing else George could do. He was doing what he thought was best for his friend and companion. Steinbeck never says that it is specifically wrong or right because that is not his goal. His theme/ motif throughout the book is hopelessness and that the american dream can never be fulfilled. Killing Lennie was wrong, but did George truly have another choice that would be any more humane?

2) They want the land and rabbits because that was the only way they could live any way other than constantly moving around the way they were then. Plus, Lennie is a constant burden and needs constant care from George. With their own land, Lennie could stay out of danger easier and George could relax some. (easy answer is also that who would want to work for someone like those land owners their entire lives? if they bought their own land, they could be their own boss.)
i didnt read the book..

sorry wish i couldve helped :S

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