Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Steinbeck of mice and men? help please?

i need to do a project on this book. and i need a little help. well the characters lennie and george i need a color that describes each of them and why?John Steinbeck of mice and men? help please?
Well, George would need a strong color. I think green suits him because it seems like he's one with nature, always working to live. Then again, maybe a more bold, leadership color like red is more for him...

And Lennie needs a sweet and simple color like pale pink. No, he is not feminine, but mentally you could say he is.John Steinbeck of mice and men? help please?
The story to me is a bit fuzzy, having read it last year for school, in about March.


Lennie, I would say... He's hard. Maybe a green? I'm not sure what to say for a color. And according to, green means ';jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience.';

and George, a brown. I always imagine brown as very warm, very safe, and that is what George is to Lennie. He protects him, he's the only one Lennie has got.

Turquoise, maybe. It's calm.
Lennie = Baby Blue

He needs protection and is like a child. Masculine.

George = Black?

He's bold, caring, parent like, strong, etc.

I'm not so sure about George.

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