Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Non-Smell Animal Besides-ferrets,sugar gliders,mice,rats,hamsters(AND ROCKS OR STUFFED ANIMALS)!!?

i really dont want guinee pigs or chinchillas either something playful very playful and know cats or dogs either. small pets.Best Non-Smell Animal Besides-ferrets,sugar gliders,mice,rats,hamsters(AND ROCKS OR STUFFED ANIMALS)!!?
you don't seem to want to work for it. There is no small pets that are playful that you don't have to work to take care of. Honestly, i think you couldn't even keep a fish alive/Best Non-Smell Animal Besides-ferrets,sugar gliders,mice,rats,hamsters(AND ROCKS OR STUFFED ANIMALS)!!?
haha pretty much the only thing left is bird. so i'd go with a parrot.
Betta fish are very simple to take care of, and very pretty to look at. The biggest expense is the fish, because if you buy a medium sized container of food it will last forever. You can get a small sized tank and they are very happy to stay in it.

The most you have to do to take care of it are drain half the tanks water about once a week and refill it with non-chlorinated water. You feed them about 2-4 times a week, about three peices of food a feeding.

They are very simple to take care of. :)
I am giving you an honest answer..鈥?/a>

they are very low odor.. and are NOT rodents!

you can click the authors name to see other good pet ideas and info...

good luck
bearded dragon, not to big, not to small %26amp; very playful=]
pet rocks are always fun, but I can't think of an animal that does not have some type of smell or issue. Maybe a hedgehog, they are pretty cool and low maintanence, or maybe a firebelly toads, but they eat live worms, so if that creeps you out, that won't work, maybe fish? Well, good luck with this!
Well, you don't have much options here. In fact, I think you might want to reconsider. I don't know if there's any pet that will fit you. Maybe you could get a really small dog, like a chiuahuhua.
Snakes or fish. But.. not very playful.

All pets make the stinky stuff. It's just a matter of if you want to deal with it or not.

Or just get it over with and find a dog or a cat. Cats have the benefit of not having to crap outside, so they are good for apartment living and busy lifestyles. Dogs.. just rock. ';Mans best friend.'; and they love to go for a drive in the car. Cats hate it.

Maybe you just need a boyfriend. Not being rude, just being intuitively honest. Some dudes make good pets. Women always seem to want to ';train'; them.
bird lizard bunny
well, you've pretty much cut off all your options. No cats or dogs and no small rodent-like animals. Hmmm, that leaves fish, birds, and reptiles. None of which are very playful. Birds can be playful, i guess, but they can smell pretty bad since they need a large cage. Snakes and lizzards are generally odorless but they're definitely not playful. You didn't say no rabbits. They can work accept they smell really bad really quickly. I dont think you're gonna find a no-smell, playful animal besides cats dogs and some rodents. Thats a tough one. How a bout one of those robotic pets? they dont smell at all and they can be playful. lol
All animals have a 'smell' if you don't keep up with the ''housekeeping''.

I hope you realize, you ruled out most small pets. That really just leaves reptiles (which aren't exactly 'playful') and birds (which can be messy and loud if not cared for properly).

Not sure what you're looking for!

I suppose there's gerbils, since those aren't on your list, but I assume it was just forgotten.
A bird is really the only option left, budgies are nice if you get them from a breeder a lot of petstore birds are usually mean.
cackroach. or spider. or both! wach them fight to the death. the winner gose up against your snake.
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