Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When mice have their baby's are you suppose to take the dad out?

my mouse had babys and i NEED to know if i have to take the dad out.............When mice have their baby's are you suppose to take the dad out?
I would wait and see how it goes. If he is snacking on them, remove him. Otherwise, they often will share in the care of the offspring. I have a huge breeding colony of mice, and the male stays with them all on a permanent basis. All the females share in the care of the babies, and it is one big, happy family.When mice have their baby's are you suppose to take the dad out?
yes because the mother might not want his scent on them.kinda like rabbits
Unfortunatly, mouse families are a lot less civilized than human families. A male mouse should be taken away from the female as soon as mating is over. Do NOT put him in with her and the babies. Not only will he mate with her again, but he might eat or mate with the babies! (Depending on their age...)

*Mice multiply exponentially...remember that!
Immediately! Don't handle them too much or the mom will eat them too for protection!
Yes. Male mice get jealous of other males (even their own children). So, it will kill them.

The only rodents that don't do that are guinea pigs.
yes....but do not touch the will eat her
When I left the male in with my pregnant mouse, it was very entertaining. The two mice were sleeping together until the babies arrived. Then the dad didn't know what to do; he stood in the middle of the cage until the mom got up to eat. Then he started stealing the pups one by one and putting them in a different corner. The mom went back to the nest and lay down on the pups, so the dad went to his nest and lay down on his pups. When he got up to eat, the mom went and stole the pups back. This went on for several hours until they compromised; they moved all the pups into the dad's corner and lay down on them together. Everything was fine.

I had always been told not to let the dad stay with the pregnant mom, but I did, and that is what happened.
wut do u mean?
YES!!! i raised mice when i was younger and i know that for a fact that the male(whether its a mouse,rat hampster etc.)will eat the young it is a territorial thing so put him in a different cage until they are weaned and then once they are weaned you can gradually introduce them again.but make sure once you reunite them that you watch them closely because he may still fight with them
ya the dad might try to hurt or eat them
yes!he thinks of them as SNACKS!!!!!!

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