Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What are great pets for 11 year olds besides cats,birds,dogs or rodents (mice,rats, etc.) ?

How about a Crested Gecko. They don't need special heating, and don't need to eat live bugs. You can buy a special Crested Gecko Diet already made. They are also adorable, and they can be held. Here's a picture:鈥?/a>What are great pets for 11 year olds besides cats,birds,dogs or rodents (mice,rats, etc.) ?
Wow....that's a lot of things you eliminated there...

I'll give you a few suggestions :]

You could try a bunny/rabbit! They are SO CUTE (they are not rodents) and they never try to run away and they are quiet and so fun to hold. They are quite easy to take care of but need a fairly big cage.

You could also try fish! They are very pretty and fun to watch. They can require a lot of care though with water changes every week, taking care of the tank, etc.

You could try a ferret! They are also very cute and love to be held and are very playful. They are illegal in some states though. And also be careful because some can bite.

Good luck!What are great pets for 11 year olds besides cats,birds,dogs or rodents (mice,rats, etc.) ?

They are so lovable!

They are affectionate and intelligent.

They can learn tricks.

Some people think they smell but they really dont!

I own 2!

These are sort of my first rats,

(bought a rat and then 2 weeks later it died :( I was very sad)

But i got new ones and i have had these rats for over a month and i love them!

Dont know how i lived with out them!

They each have there own personallties. Its really cool.

Also they have different tastes (well mine do. there a bit spoiled)

Ya im not a big fan of the tail but you get used to it.

I wanted a pet that wouldnt bite me

(bad expericence with a bunny, lets just say we sold it and i was left with a bloody eye :( Im all better :) )

They pracically never bite.

Sorry i keep going on but i love rats and i want the world to see how nice and sweet they are, not some sewer rats :(

They are very playful, and love when your around.

Im teaching mine right now how to beg, then im going to litter box train them, (well im trying)

There is a lot to them, more than people see.

And you only can see it if you or your friend has one and you hold it and play with it.

(you might think there gross, but wait itll you meet them.)

Keep an open mind.
You havent left much options. You havent said whether you'd like a dog?They can be good pets and help with daily excercise,also very sociable and make great family pets, or look into having cold water fish
Rabbits. They're lagamorphs, not rodents. They're small, sweet, quiet, and inexpensive.
its hard to say, it depends if you want a animal that you will have to take care of to or an animal where they can take care of it by themselves
Hmmmm...... That's a trick question, Well you could try fish but they aren't really fun. Why not these animals? Oh are you allergic? Oh a lizard or frog is fun!!!! But that's really all!!
a leopard gecko. perfect.
I would say a Guinea pig makes a good pet.
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