Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mice repellants?

Hi, i noticed a few mice in our home, 2 floors. they seem to be having a nest in a radiator which is connected to the external wall. i just bought two mouse repellants from B%26amp;Q, priced 30拢 each, claims it works both electro-magentic as well as ultrasonic. do they really work? one last thing, prefer not to have a cat nowMice repellants?
No they really don't work. The person who suggested professional help is right, partially. But a pest control company will only be able to put out poison or traps inside your house or bait stations outdoors to prevent them from coming in.

Now, I manage a pest control office, but I would not suggest going this route. Here's why. Poisons or traps you can do yourself. And bait stations are just cruel. They literally attract rodents and then after the eat the bait they run off into the woods and die......for 10 days. That's just cruel and I discourage even my own customers from using our service when it comes to rodent control.

You can call a humane animal control company who will capture and remove the animals. And this includes rodents, raccoons, bees, birds, armadillos, you name it.

Good luck! And be nice if you can.Mice repellants?
yes they do work i had to get some last year got rid of mice in a week never had any since
the good news is you aint got rats. mice would be out of there like a shot if you had. they are almost cute in comparison. (you can trick yourself and take comfort from this)
I'm afraid they won't work, nor will a cat. You'll have to get pest control people in I'm afraid - we did. If there was a humane way to have got rid of them we would, but it's the only way.
My cat.

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