Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mice deterrents?

We have a little furry visitor in our house who is an unwelcome guest.In fact I may have to leave home myself until its gone.I have seen electrical deterrent devices advertised ---has anyone any experience of these devices.Do they really work?I dread the thought of finding dead mice littering the place never mind live ones!Mice deterrents?
Yes they work, they send out a high pitch frequency which drives mice mad! Alternatively, get or borrow a cat ! The smell chases them off. I did see a spray once called scent of cat, but not sure if it works, try googling it !Mice deterrents?
Does it have a rent book? If it doesn't you can safely electrocute the little vermin. Seriously though, you may have only seen one but they are never alone, you have to overcome the nest and if they are starting a family you may have as many as 10. Sorry if this frightens you but it's a fact, happy electrocuting!
we get quite a few field mice into our house and its awful especially when they die as they go back where there hiding to die so the smell is nasty i have got plug ins that are meant to stop the like buggers in to your home. and belive me they dont work u need to get your local pest contol out!if you have one you will have more in your home hunny block all the little holes you can see and ring pest control out!!! hope this helps

xx good luck!! xx
No those plug in deterrent things don't work. My mother got mice and got a couple of them and the mice didn't go away. The only things that work are traps or poison.
if theres a wilkinson store near you they are doing a good line on rodent repelants and poisons.

if youve tried all else then enviromental health will offer free advice to you.
how about a cat

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