Friday, February 5, 2010

Can pet mice affect allergies?

i just got 2 new female fancy mice. But i forgot that my grandpa was allergice to cats and dogs and he has asthma....will it affect him??? he probably won't be touching it but i hope it won't affect him....

please give me some answers :) asap!Can pet mice affect allergies?
The smell of the cage is what will bother him.

I get real sneezy around cages. Must be the shavings or the urine smell?

IDKCan pet mice affect allergies?
They might affect his allergies but if you keep their cage clean and he doesn't hold them, he might be ok. Also if you keep them in your room and he doesn't go in there, that would help too.

Mice are like dogs and cats. They have fur and can have dust mites on them that you can't see. But like I said, if you keep them in your own room and don't let your grandpa hold them, he should be ok.

We're all allergic to cats but we still have them. I change their box on a regular basis and also vaccum the rug and furniture two or three times a week and our allergies aren't bad. We also keep the cats our of our sons bedroom and our bedroom. They only stay in the livingroom and kitchen areas. Good luck, its sweet that you're worried about your grandpa. :D
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If your grandfather is allergic to dogs and cats it has a lot to do with fur. Sometimes cat allergies have to do with a cat's saliva but if it's dogs too I'd assume he's allergic to furry critters. So to answer your question, yes, mice can affect allergies just like any other animal, but I wouldn't be too worried. Try to keep them out of contact and you should be alright. Hope I helped!

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