Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can mice in your home effect pregnant women?

we have mice in our home and i am pregnant. i am afraid the mice or the mice poop will harm my babyCan mice in your home effect pregnant women?
They can breed infections, you should get rid of them.Can mice in your home effect pregnant women?
Just don't eat the chocolate sprinkles. Make sure everything is all swept up when baby starts crawling. 5-6 months.
Mouse poop isn't good to have around but I don't think it would significantly harm your baby. You should have an exterminator in. Stay in a hotel or with friends or family while they do the job and the chemicals subside.
Hopefully you mean you have mice because they are ';pets'; and not rodents running around because your house is dirty? If they are pets, have someone else clean their cage, if no one else is available, wear gloves. If they are not pets, then chances your house needs to be cleaned.
Get an exterminator before you give birth, Did you ever watch lady and the tramp? Lady gets into all that trouble because the rats are trying to get into the baby's crib.


Don't let that happen,

I would say get a cat but if you haven't been around them they carry a disease that can be harmful to your un born baby not to mention the ammonia in their excretions.
mice themselves no, but if they catch a disease from another animal yes, also the poison you may lay out to kill them can spead and that is usually what effects the humans is the stuff they put down themselves. Quite ironic actually

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