Friday, February 5, 2010

Why do momma mice die after a few days of giving birth?

mothe mice usually do not die of giving birth, if this has happened to your mouse there are several reasons why it could have died. giving birth causes alot of stress and can cause a heart attack or sesure, if the mouse was very hyper and jumpy for awhile and then fell over dead that is probably what happened. if there was a large change in her diet she could have been overwhelmed. also there could have been harmful chemicals in the air, or it was too hot or too cold. u should try your best to keep their living area at about 75-80 degrees. i hope this helped. :)Why do momma mice die after a few days of giving birth?
They usually don't, if they have enough to eat and are healthy. Motherhood is dangerous. Mothers are usually weakened by the strain of giving birth and can use much of their energy producing milk for their young. So, if they don't get enough to eat, they can die. Alternately, complications in birth can lead to infections or internal bleeding, causing death. In captivity, mother mice usually live long enough to produce several litters.

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