Friday, February 5, 2010

What is the main message of the novel of mice and men?

Mice eat cheese, but since men like their cheese they set out mice traps to kill the mice so they can have their cheese to themselves, but mice are crafty and sometimes avoid the traps.What is the main message of the novel of mice and men?
well it's about a lot of things, the angst of loneliness for one thing, friendships power to over come it, and it tries to teach a understanding, it is a social commentary.

but the most powerful and important message to me has always been about the power of dreams. I know that seems strange considering how the book ends, but achieving their dreams wasn't what was important, what mattered was the hope it brought them. A hope powerful enough to break down the hostile barriers around a group of complete strangers and bring them, even if only for a fleeting time, together.What is the main message of the novel of mice and men?
You're in luck. I read this just last evening. The novel Of Mice and Men's main theme is the impossibility of the American dream. Note all of the main characters. George, Lennie, Curley, etc. all are searching for a better life, but as their situation presents itself, they are unable to achieve any higher a life.

Note: Similar in theme to the Great Gatsby. I highly recommend it if you agree with the theme of Of Mice and Men.
Well there are different things themes that express different messages. I'd say a very important one is the topic of innocence. In the book, Lennie proves example of how size, shape, age, and other things like that do not define a person. This is portrayed through Lennie's innocence. There is also the topic of the American Dream. Everyone strives for something and it touches on what it means to be an American. Overall I think it touches a lot on what it means to be happy, and the value of companionship in comparison to things like self sufficiency, good looks, etc...

That some people just won't learn from their mistakes.

George knew Lenny wasn't going to learn from his mistake because he just keeps doing bad things. Since that whole group was out to kill Lenny, George knew he was going to die anyway, so George killed Lenny himself.

George thought back to how Candy said he wished he was the one to kill his dog, because he wanted to say goodbye to him alone, and to make sure he went peacefully and happily.
It can be interpreted so many different ways. Check out wikipedia, cliff's notes, spark notes. . .

then decide for yourself. :)
Sometimes people do not change although you think that they will, so at that point you must take matters in to your own hands, no matter how hard that might be.
I don't really know...... It was sad but if you want help check
when george tells you to neal down, you best make a run for it. That's especially if your name is Lenny.
the american dream

isolation lonliness vs. companionship

and some more stuff.

its a great book.
Becoming a man and growing up.
Don't strangle hookers to death.

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