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Should I get mice or gerbils?

I'm not sure what to get, two gerbils or 3 mice(females). I want something that i can hold and will maybe ride in my pocket. people friendly, in other words. i also need to be able to sleep with them in my room.

thanks!Should I get mice or gerbils?
I have both and they are both smart and great pets! To what you said you have to tame the pet first unless you adopt from a owner that is with the animal all the time. My mouse skittles hates being picked up but once you have her and hold her she sleeps in your hands. But I get a new sock (but one I do not want) and put her in there because sometimes she pee's or poo's. She loves to be around my friends. Somtimes she will ride in my little pocket i have on my shirt but fold up a sock in your pocket and place her on top so she has some sort of bedding. But I have had skittles for one year and took 1-2 months to tame her. have patience. (My other mice run up my hand but can't stay still but NNEVER bite) My gerbils are so friendly but it felt like it took forever to tame them. They climb up me and go up my sleeve and fall asleep like everyone else says they can be tamed to act like a teddy bear hamster. Miny is one of my favs she runs up on the palm of my hand and jumps to my friends then sleeps on me while I am on the computer or watching tv. Gerbils could bite same with mice but never had it happen to me before, it is patience to get your pet what your standards are. Mice are nocturnal and usally use their wheel at night, so get a silent spinner. And gerbils are up at day and night! They have the same diets and are somewhat easy to care for!

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Oh yea people say mice stink. The females don't but you MUST clean their cage regualarly or they will stink, my mice never stunk same with my gerbiess!


I have hamsters and they are great for that to but are nocturnal!Should I get mice or gerbils?
I've always been partial to gerbils myself (having had dozens of them), and I think they don't smell as bad as mice. They are more curious so are initially easier to get to interact with... though if you are doing it right, you can get any critter to bond with people. Riding in a pocket doesn't always work though.

Long as you get a silent wheel (unless you're a heavy sleeper) you should be fine.

Both mice and gerbils squirm alot while handling, and both will sit still if given nowhere to go.

However, gerbils have many advantages; there are far less diseases they can carry, they have dry feces(no stink) and urinate less. This makes them more ideal for handling.
Wait, sleep in your bed? neither would be good. Hamsters are my choice. Maybe two hamsters. make them the same gender, though. So get a hamster. Oh, and anything in ur pocket will get squished! Definitely, hamsters. They can sleep in your room, but you have to have

1. Silent Wheel

2. Not-leaking water bottle

Those are for your enjoyment. Also, get a hamster ball!
It sounds like a sugar glider might be good for you!

From your choices though, I vote mice. I have one mouse and had one previously. My friend had 9 gerbils. Gerbils are cute, but they are SO energetic! Most of hers wouldn't even let you hold them. If you could catch them, the would run all over your body. My mouse loves to ride around on my shoulder. The problem with both of these animals is that you WILL be pooped/peed on. For sure. I do every time I hold either gerbils or mice. Mice are really nice little animals though. Oh, I just thought of another animal... COCKATIEL!!! I have a cockatiel and have met/owned/handled at least 20. They are SO sweet and cuddly as long as you get them handfed. My cockatiel is constantly attached to my shoulder or my lap. He sings to me and even loves to go to get ice cream with me in the summer. He goes into gas stations, stores, parks, to the beach, everywhere! I solved the bird poo problem by getting him a diaper *size small* from It even has a leash so he can't fly away when I forget to clip his wings.
I would get a mouse, but u should really consider hamsters or guinea pigs, very friendly creatures, I have 3 hammies and LOVE THEM!!!
I would choose a mouse. But you should really get a guinea pig.
mice are easier to take care of...

but i would get a guinea pig
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