Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of mice and men by john steinbeck?

what game did george and slim play while they talked?Of mice and men by john steinbeck?
';slim sat down on a box across the table from george. he studied the solitaire hand that was upside down to him'; pg 35

oh hey again.....1.carlsons problem is the dog stinkin up the place and he tells candy to shoot him to stop the dogs sufferring.

2. the reason for the dog being shot is his overall his almost blind cant walk without aching in pain he stinks to beat hell etc pg 45

3.whit shows slim a magazine were a previous worker that had worked on the ranch had written to it...... bill tenner is the one who wrote it and bill told whit pg 47

hope i helped!!

p.s i've got lyk the exact questions to do!

i'm doing of mice and men aswell and that happened to be the same question that i answered for my homework:) say, do you live in melbourne aus?

take careOf mice and men by john steinbeck?
They played cards.
cards i believe, but best way to make sure it to read the book

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