Friday, February 5, 2010

I got mice, any helpful tips?

I got 2 mice one name is Nibbles, and I going to name the other one! Any help ful tipsI got mice, any helpful tips?
I too have mice! They are adorable little things! A great site full of info is

I build popcicle stick houses for mine which they love. You can use non-toxic glue to hold them together.I got mice, any helpful tips?
awww, I used to raise mice.. I miss having them.. my very first one I named whiskers because his were so long :-)
Mice are excellent pets! I used to have some. You can play with them on a table or on the floor if there's nothing they can get under, get away by, hurt, or be hurt by. They are fun and cute. NEVER pick them up by their tail, though, unless in an emergency, and then only by the base. Picking them up by the tip of the tail can seriously hurt them. If you just see someone do it in a pet store, it doesn't mean it's right.

You could name the other one Squeak/Squeaky or Whiskers or Mickey or Sniffer.

Good luck with your new little buddies!
Aww, I have a pet mouse named Bella and she is my baby.

No, mice are not mean! I have had many and have never had any problems with one. I never even gotten bitten by one.

One thing that I read in a book once really helped. They need to chew- constantly, to keep their teeth down- and instead of spending money on those fancy wooden chew sticks at pet stores, I just use a small dog bone- like Milkbone, just the plain flavor- and they love them! And you get a huge box for like, $3.鈥?/a>
Feed them to a snake..
hey 2 keep the smell down put a couple of drops of vanilla extract in water bottle then you don't get much of the musty smell

hope this helps

send mail if you need to know anything else
well mice are very nice pets but they bite and can cuase problems i uaed to have mice (they died)

with names if you want the names to go together name the other jerry (yep i am weird)

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