Friday, February 5, 2010

How much are mice at petco??

and how do you take care of themHow much are mice at petco??
Feeder mice start at $0.88 USD. They are used as ';food'; for snakes.

Pet mice or Fancy mice usually start at $1.00 or $2.00. They become your ';pocket pet'; and friend.

Fancy mice make the best pets. Please learn all you can about MICE before you purchase any. They require regular care, such as washing their cage and feeding them. Use the link below about Taking care of pet mice. There is a lot of info on the internet, just keep searching and reading.

Best of Luck.

.....~~~~(O8:%26gt; ...... (squeak, squeak)How much are mice at petco??
they cost about 2 to 10 dollars but no more than that.
I'm guessing they're under $10, but try first to see if you can find mice at a rescue or shelter in your area. You can put in your zipcode and do a search for ';small and furry.';

Honestly, all mice are fairly similar, but males tend to smell much more than females. There is no real difference between feeder mice and ';fancy'; mice.

Here's some information on the care of mice:鈥?/a>
$5 at the least
feeder mice are like a dollar fancy mice are like 2-10 dollars
$39. fed them cheese and put them in a box with ood and water. Simple.
Feeders or Pet Mice?

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