Friday, February 5, 2010

Has anyone read Of Mice and Men?

as you can see, crooks is treated like an animal by other men in the ranch, but what are some quotes in the book that support that?

Has anyone read Of Mice and Men?
If you had read that book, you would know that.

Has anyone read Of Mice and Men?
Crooks faces loneliness and discrimination, probably more because of his color than because of his past. Here are some quotes that might help:

5) Crooks, on a black man's loneliness: ';S'pose you didn't have nobody. S'pose you couldn't go into the bunk house and play rummy 'cause you was black. How'd you like that? S'pose you had to sit out here an' read books. Sure you could play horseshoes till it got dark, but then you got to read books. Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody-to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. Don't make no difference who the guy is, long's he's with you. I tell ya, I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick'; (80).

6) Crooks, on George and Lennie's dream: ';I seen hunderds of men come by on the road an' on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an' that same damn thing in their heads. Hunderds of them. They come, an' they quit an' go on; an' every damn one of 'em's got a little piece of land in his head. An' never a God damn one of 'em ever gets it. Just like heaven. Everybody wants a little piece of lan'. I read plenty of books out here. Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land. It's just in their head. They're all the time talkin' about it, but it's jus' in their head'; (81).

7) Crooks, on human rights: Maybe you guys better go. I ain't sure I want you in here no more. A colored man got to have some rights even if he don't like 'em'; (90).
Omg that book is awesome.

Do you remember the parts where he talks about how he is forced to live in a shed (thats being treated like an animal)
Pretty much every time they call him the n word. Also, look in chapter 4, crooks himself says alot of them.
I read the book like 4 years ago but I dont remember anthing
go to %26amp; look for some reviews.

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