Friday, February 5, 2010

Are my mice all gone now?

I caught 3 mice about 2 weeks ago in my kitchen. I then put down 7 traps in my kitchen and have only caught 2 more. I havent caught one in 4 days.

Is it safe to pick up my traps and say my mice problem is over?

I only live in a little apartment so I am pretty confident they arent living in my apartment are coming in from the outside.Are my mice all gone now?
why are you killing the miceys arrrgh no! dont worry its probaly okay to take away the traps nowAre my mice all gone now?
If you have Mice in your house lay some bounce sheets down where you hear or see them. It will repel the Mice and they will go elsewhere. Look inside your home for areas where you suspect the mice may be getting in or the pathways they use to get around. Mice don't like to be out in the open, so check under furniture and along the baseboards of the room.

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